ARCHIPIÙ - Nicola Colucci Romina Succi

Archipiù studio, with offices in Rimini and Matera, was established in 2000 to work in the fields of architectural design, industrial design, interior design and architectural photography. The two founding partners, Nico Colucci and Romina Succi, have gained complementary personal work experiences over the years, both of which are evident in this unique prestige project. The studio's projects, almost always characterised by an experimental approach, have been published in the major reviews, including Elle Decor, D Casa and Casabella.

In June 2018, architect Nico Colucci won the prestigious COMPASSO D'ORO prize for his innovative editorial project Matera Cityscape.

Website: FaceBook page
Email: [email protected]
Tel:+39 3470321599

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