Scrigno Switch

Most often, our customers ask a light switch or power point near the edge of a door frame, or requests for a Scrigno product that satisfies this need. Scrigno offers two solutions, one conventional and one technological, allowing the most suitable option to be chosen according to needs.


The self-adhesive light switch, cheap and easy to fit without building work, and a perfect décor match.

Scrigno Switch is a radiofrequency switch that can be used to turn a light on and off, and is the ideal solution in all situations where a conventional wiring system cannot be installed due to lack of sufficient depth of the wall, as for instance in the presence of a built-in frame for a sliding disappearing door. Practical, unobtrusive and simple to install, Scrigno Switch can also be used in other spaces where a new light switch is required but that are without suitable wiring, with no need for building work and the installation of power cables.

Composition of kit:

  •  1 radio receiver that can operate as a simple ON/OFF switch or with impulses (for integration in a relay system). The maximum power that can be controlled is 1000W, and transmission is safe and secure becaus the 868MHz frequency band is used.
  • 1 two-channel transmitter button complete with surround. The two channels can both be  programmed in the same way or separately if the receiver is set for operation as an ON/OFF  switch. The surround allows installation to be completed in all spaces where there is no particular need to match other conventional light switches that may be already present nearby. The transmitter button and surround are available in white and anthracite grey versions.
  • 1 kit of 5 adaptors to allow the standard surrounds that are most widespread and commonly available on the market to be used, making it possible to fit the radiofrequency switch with a surround of the same style as other nearby light switches with conventional wiring. The kit is available in white and anthracite grey versions.


  • easy to install;
  • styling and colour to perfectly match existing switch and socket fittings with use of the adaptor kit;
  • powered by long-life lithium button batteries;
  • compliant with EC directives on electromagnetic compatibility and low-voltage electrical devices.
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